Patient Details

Patient Details

Find details on adding / editing & deleting patients.

How Do I Book Family Appointments

How Do I Cancel Appointments for a Number of Days

How Do I Change an Appointment to a Different Day

How Do I Know When a Patient Has Attended Their Appointment

How Do I Print Out a Day List For One of My Performers

How To Activate the Panic Button

How To Add DNA Reasons

How To Add Quick Codes

How To Add Quick Notes

How To Add Quick Text

How To Add Visits to a Treatment Form

How To Add a Credit Note

How To Add a Custom Field

How To Add a Dentist to Your English NHS Contract

How To Add a Manual Patient Charge

How To Add a Procedure

How To Add an Alternative Plan to a Treatment Plan

How To Back Date a Payment

How To Block Patients from Being Able to Book Appointments

How To Book an Appointment

How To Cancel an Appointment

How To Change User Permissions

How To Change the Price of a Sundry Item

How To Clear a Clinical Note

How To Create Clinical Notes with Drop Down Fields

How To Create a New Household

How To Delete a Payment

How To Depart a Patient From your Practice

How To Edit an SMS Template

How To Generate a Periodontal Classification

How To Generate an Estimate

How To Login to SfD

How To Print a Receipt

How To Record a Basic Periodontal Examination BPE

How To Refund a Patient

How To Search For a Patient

How To Search for an Inactive Patient

How To Set Up a Patient Assessment Screen

How To Setup Your Backup

How To Show Charges in the Clinical Notes

How To Use SFD's Image Editor

How To Use The Waiting List

How To View Patient Transactions in Reverse Chronological Order

How To View The Treatment History of a Specific Tooth

How To View a Patient's Images

How To Write off Patient Debt

How Do I Confirm That Patient Details are Up To Date?

How Do I Create a Pop Up Note Within a Patient's Record?

How Do I Delete a Patient?

How Do I Print a Patient's Details

How Do I View a Patient's Appointment History

How To Create a New Household

How do I change the status of a patient?

How do I create a Household?

How do I use Patient Assessment Screens?

How to Add DNA Reasons

How to Add a Guaranteed Item on to an NHS Treatment

How to Add a New User

How to Add a Sundry

How to Cash Up

How to Change Appointment Properties

How to Change User Permissions

How to Create a New Cancellation Type

How to Send Correspondence Using PADS+

What are the benefits of using User Defined Fields and how can I create them?

What is the 'Marketing' field for in patient properties?

How do I create a patient?

How do I open / find / search for a patient?

How do I print / export a patient's record card?

In patients appointment history, what do the letters and number at the top mean?

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