Lab Work.

Alena wants the ability to track the lab work to see what items that have come back have been fitted, she would like this as an extra tab within the lab work section of the programme On top of their comments we need 5 columns.---- 1. Pending 2. Released 3. Despatched 4. Returned 5. Fitted The reason being in the first “pending” tap we have a patients that appears there without any impressions physically taken that is confusing the issue. That is why the second column is needed “released” physically sending to the lab by the girls. This column has to be empty at the end of each day. Third column “return” will reflect how many models are sitting in the surgery and patient needs to b contacted for a fit appointment asap. Last fifth column will read “fitted” which will get larger and larger as time goes ... Finally the ability to print the LAB book - which would be each page of the lab report / lab dashboard Lab Work - need competion tab, and ability to report on which lab to see how much work and cosst to each lab

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