Report Export

The following conversation is from Gemma at 740 Dental. She wants the total number of patients to show on the Treatment Forms report rather than just a monetary value. ON that report you do not get the total number of patients – only the monetary value. I am currently having to export to excel to get the total number of patients. - Hi Gemma, Just to confirm you are running the Treatment ‘Forms’ report. In this report you can simply select your dentist, select state as ‘incomplete’ then one of the options is ‘Has Appointment’ and you select No. This brings up all your patients registered to the selected dentist and don’t have an appointment booked. Kind Regards Ian - Id like an easy report to run on the patient section to be able to see how many open courses of treatment each dentist has, and then to be able to see how many of those DO NOT have an appointment booked. The current way is quite long winded. Rejected - Gemma has been shown how to gain this information easily.

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