Human resources wish list

Hi Kate I’m so excited that you guys are doing this! I’ll write below my ‘wish list’. You may regret asking me for my thoughts, but I’m so glad you did! Apologies in advance as it’s pretty ambitious but I thought it would make sense for me to write down everything and you can see what is/ may not be achievable Main purpose of the HR section for me would be to create an auditable list of information/ documents which we can use to evidence that we have done appropriate checks or completed required training. Integral to this would be: - Ability for us to upload version controlled, master documents, and have these added to a ‘checklist’ section (ideally that could be printed in 1 to 2 pages to put in CQC file etc) - Ability for these documents to be personalised (mail merge?) and then signed by staff member (on digi pad) to confirm that they have received appropriate training on the contents of the document, and they have read and understood the document and their responsibilities as outlined in it. Also that they sign to confirm that failure to act in accordance with these guidelines may lead to disciplinary action. This would ideally be dated and recorded so we can set date for a refresher training date. - Ability for signed documents to be counter signed by a member of mgmt (on digi pad) to confirm that they have provided full and thorough training to the staff member. - For any signatures to be dated, and once complete, to show in auditable ‘checklist’ as complete, with review date also noted electronically (to send out reminder to admin/ mgmt that staff member needs refresher training etc) - Also ability to upload additional info and tie it to a particular section/ sub section e.g. if entering passport number, ability to then have box to click on for us to upload a copy of the passport as evidence that we’ve seen it, plus expiry date. Currently we can upload lots of docs but can’t tie to a particular information field which is pretty crucial (or it will get v unwieldy to use) - In audit, it would be good to be able to show just required information (e.g. receptionist doesn’t need GDC reg- would need a (N?A box for each question that mgr could fill in) - For reporting purposes, would be good to be able to pull full P file audit for 1 individual (for use in reviews etc), or alternatively an ‘all staff summary’ of completion of specific item e.g. name list and dates they have all completed fire training) In an ideal world, information would be set up in separate tabs (have separated out a lot but some lists can be combined if too many tabs). We currently use the following categories, with accompanying information: PERSONAL - Name - Address - Job Title (ability to select from drop down list provided by Practice) - Employment Start Date - Contracted weekly hours - Pay rate per hour/ salary (as appropriate- most of our team are paid by hour) - Tel number/s - DOB - NI Number - ICE contact details (name/ relationship/ number/s) HOLIDAYS & SICKNESS - Current year’s holiday entitlement in hours (Jan- Dec) - Current year’s holiday entitlement used - Current year’s holiday entitlement hours remaining - Current year’s contracted hours worked (excluding holidays)- manual entry - Current year’s sickness absence (manual entry) - Current year’s sickness % (absence/ contracted hours)- business target is 4% - Absence log- online ability to record conversations on a set template and sign off digitally) – I’ll send you the template we use RECRUITMENT - Job Description (ability to upload master copies then just select from list) - Application Form - Interview Notes/ Scoring - Copy of reference/s - Offer letter CONTRACT & LEGAL - Terms & Conditions of Employment - Option to upload amendments to Terms & Conditions - P45/ P46/ New starter checklist - Bank details (bank/ sort code and a/c number. Also box for employee to sign to confirm as accurate) EMPLOYMENT CHECKS - Proof of right to work (option to add in passport number or have option to tick ‘other’, and add description and scan in relevant document/s - GDC registration number (with ability to upload certificate and certificate renewal date) - DBS (disclosure & barring service) check – ability to confirm number of confirmed certificate, and scanned certificate - Hepatitis B certificate (if required)- option to add in results of vaccinations and review date INDUCTION (basic things that we need to do in 1st week to show we are a ‘caring’ employer) - Location & Use of Domestic facilities - Team introduction TRAINING, PERFORMANCE & DEVELOPMENT - Staff handbook sign off slip - CPD Validation sheet (ability to upload, plus enter review date) - Option for us to upload additional training documents (not standardised- we’d need to be able to add separately and enter description. And review date)- - Objectives - Personal Development Plan (ideally we could upload a template that individual could work on from their own PC but that we could then ‘lock’ once complete) - Annual Appraisal (ideally we could upload a template that individual could work on from their own PC but that we could then ‘lock’ once complete) - Option to upload additional ad hoc, again by having ‘other’ option with ability to add description - Counselling & Disciplinary information. Option within this section to add record of conversations with digital sign off by indv & mgr (e.g. mgr has spoken to individual on x date about cash shorts on till. Flossy understand that they need to take more care going forward…) - Option for Disciplinary information tick boxes e.g. verbal warning (tick/ cross), written (), final written (), dismissal) and option to upload accompanying documentation, and also option to have expiry dates on these sanctions (archive after x months) -Location of first aid kits and emergency first aid kit, drugs and defibrillator. -First Aid Practice procedures (including how to report an accident) -Innoculation injuries Policy: action to take in the event of a an innoculation injury -CPR training HEALTH & SAFETY - Health & Safety Training (all staff) - Health & Safety Questionnaire (all staff)- option to record a score - Health & Safety Training (mgmt & key holders) - Health & Safety Questionnaire (mgmt & key holders)- option to record a score - Version Controlled Fire Training Completed (copy of training doc, with signing option for trainee/ trainer and review date). Woiuld be good to have ability to store a few versions and select from drop down list, as this is due every 3 years but someone may miss this year’s training session but still have attended last year’s and be fine) - Maintenance Reporting Procedures - Location and use of Practice H&S Noticeboard - First Aid & Emergency Drugs Training (inc how to report an accident) - CPR Training - Manual Handling Safe System of work (copy of doc/ training date and sign offs as above) - Conflict Management SSOW - Sharps SSOW - Amalgam Fillings SSOW - Autoclave SSOW - Ionising Radiation SSOW - PPE SSOW PERSON SPECIFIC RISK ASSESSMENTS -Vulnerable persons risk assessment completed (only for individuals with illness or other special needs which require a -workplace risk assessment so the Practice may appropriately meet their needs) -New & expectant Mothers risk assessment completed (as appropriate) -Visual Display Equipment Risk Assessment (Reception and Practice Management only) CLINICAL GOVERNANCE I’ll need to get you some info on this- basically this would be where we would file cross contamination policy and digitally signed declaration that indv understands it etc, plus lots of other CQC required documents (all need to be acknowledged) Hand Hygiene Policy: Social, Surgical and Clinical Hand washing procedures Infection Control Policy Safe placement and Removal guidelines for PPE Dress Code Policy Cleaning Materials colour coding procedures Clinical Waste Disposal Blood spillage Procedure Innoculation Injuries Plus Legionella Training INFORMATION GOVERNANCE I’ll need to get you some info on this- basically this would be where we would file Information Security Policy and digitally signed declaration that indv understands it etc, plus lots of other CQC required documents (all need to be acknowledged) As you can see from the long long lists there’s a whole world of administrative pain associated with taking on and training up a new starter. If you can do anything to help us you will be my personal hero for life! If you need any help at all please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve attached some of my current ‘checklists’ that I use, just for an idea of what we do currently- P file checklist with lots of tabs is the main one

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