SFD Reporting Export Options

Dear Ryszard & Adam I believe Peter Willy contacted you at the recent BDIA show to discuss a request to amend the reporting system on SfD. I have previously used the Contact Lists system on SoE and felt that it offered a bit more functionality than SfD reports. For the record, this is the only part of SoE which I preferred! At present, all reports that I generate are created as a printable screen. These have approximately 20 columns including personal details and the dates when they joined the practice etc. Some of these reports can be then exported and the benefit of this, for me is that I can sort data according to these column headings. What makes it difficult is that there are not enough column headings i.e enough details, to choose from. I have attached a xls exported file from SfD the report parameters were all active patients I have also attached an exported file from SoE. I have inputted my details into the column heading created by the SoE software. This was created using the same report parameters as above. I do not need or want all these column headings available; I have marked the relevant columns in green. From my perspective I would rather export all reports into CSV format and data sort and save as xls files as necessary. I appreciate the security implications of having so much personal data available in a report. This could be password protected or only accessible by those with Administrator permissions. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Michael Michael Pilling Practice Manager

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