We have just joined you in January 2019 but I was wondering if it was okay to make some suggestions for improvements? 1. When you are searching for patients to add to a household the list comes up but you need to keep going back to the list and searching. Can the system not be modified to allow you to click on all the patients you want to add from your search list and it adds them all at the same time. (using a selection box or ctrl^ or similar). 2. We often need to give patients a few appointments and need to keep going back to the patient record to add them to the clipboard. Is it possible to be able to add them more than once so you can drag them all over. There is the option for the dentist to add them to the treatment list more than once but if the dentist doesn’t do that it is time consuming. I appreciate that these may not be possible but I thought I would ask. Lesley Lesley Kirwan Practice Manager Kilsyth Dental Partnership 1 Airdrie Road Kilsyth G65 9JE Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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