Pad Issues

Moteeb rang When practice are updating a NHS exemption details and then send the amended NHS PR form to teh pad, the document never contains the exemption details Also when completing exemption details on the pad if not able to complete all data required for a pregnant mother, unable to proceed and submit from pad, no evidence tick box, but even when ticking box, still asks for details that you haven't seen. when evidence has been seen and submitted via pad, the details are not updating within the patient fully the exemption is not shown until the patient is closed and reopened. However when the patient is reopened it says that there has been no evidence, but double clicking on the exemption area of the profile, the details are there and then they populate correctly when the pop p is closed. the recipient filed does not exist on the WSP or on the paper form and defaults to patient without manual intervention hc3 exemption the field on the pad for amount to be paid is not enabled. can enter HC3 certificate number but the monetary field is greyed out.

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