Chart Request

My name is Andy MacCallum, senior partner at Dorset House Dental in Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 3AE and we employ your system. It would help us out a lot if you could incorporate a small addition to the software for orthodontic patients, both private and NHS. What we need is small chart that can be updated at each appointment, similar to the way you can update BPE scores, or periodontal charts, thus showing the patient's progress over time. This chart would be for patients who are wearing twin block appliances. At each appointment it is necessary to record : 1 Overjet on right central incisors 2 Overjet on left central incisors 3 Overbite 4 Upper centre line 5 Lower centre line 6 Right 1st molar relationship 7 Right canine relationship 8 Left canine relationship 9 Left 1st molar relationship 10 Reverse overjet on right central incisors 11 Reverse overjet on left central incisors 12 A note on any spaces 13 Any other comments At present we have to record this information on a paper chart which is kept in the record card, but would much prefer to be paperless. I shall take a photograph of one of our charts on my iPhone, with a fictional patient's data, so that you can see the sort of thing I mean. I'm sure this is well within your expertise! If you haveany questions about this please email me on this email address or, although I'll most probably respond to this personal email address much faster. Many thanks Andy MacCallum

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