Branching Medical Questions

After speaking with Sean this afternoon, I have been asked to send through a request. When our patients complete a medical history, they are asked if they have diabetes. When answering yes, they must report back to reception so we can print a separate medical sheet for them to complete (based on their diabetes). This proves inconvenient for the practice, when we are busy it can be difficult to address the patient in time before they are taken through to surgery. Also, with our patients age range being 50+ they struggle to handle the tablet anyway. So in asking them to visit the reception desk when answering yes to that question, does confuse them slightly. Our request would be that, when selecting 'yes' to having diabetes, the tablet sends through an automatic request to our PCs for a print out of this extra medical sheet. Or for the tablet to list the questions automatically on screen, rather than having to visit the reception desk. Also, it saves us having a digital medical history being answered and a paper medical history being scanned - we would much rather only use digital, so it is all viewed in one place. If you have any queries about my request, please contact our practice.

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